Is the electronic cigarette more effective than gum and nicotine patches?

Researchers from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom conducted a systematic review of the scientific literature to examine the effect of e-cigarettes in terms of efficacy, tolerability and safety of use to help smokers abstain from smoking over the long term.

Pour cela, les chercheurs ont retenu dans leurs analyses les essais cliniques contrôlés randomisés, les essais croisés randomisés et les études d’intervention non contrôlées dans lesquelles tous les participants ont reçu une e-cigarette. Les études devaient faire état de l’abstinence de cigarettes après six mois ou plus, ou de données sur les marqueurs de sécurité après une semaine ou plus, ou les deux. In the end, 78 studies were selected, involving more than 22,000 test subjects.

Also, for the authors, there is evidence with a high degree of certainty that nicotined e-cigarettes are more effective than traditional tobacco substitutes (nicotine gums and patches). Also, during the two-year follow-up, no serious side effects that could be related to e-cigarette use were found. Further studies are still needed to confirm these results.

Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation. J. Hartmann-Boyce & coll. 17 Novembre 2022.

© Photo credit: Rodrigo Santos