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Végétol® Innovation

> 100% natural origin
> For e-liquids propylene glycol free
> For non-allergic and non-irritating e-liquids
> For e-liquids the effectively reproduce the feeling expected by the smoker
> For safer e-liquids because lightened in aromas
> Patented and scientifically validated innovation*

*Physical and Chemical Assessment of 1,3 propanediol (Végétol) as a Potential Substitute of propylene glycol in Refill Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes. P. Bertrand, V. Bonnarme, A. Piccirilli, P. Ayrault, L. Lemée, G. Frapper, J. Pourchez. Nature Scientific Reports, 2018, 8:1702.

E-liquide naturel sans propylène glycol, sans arôme et sans glycérine végétale Végétol® - Molécule Végétol® - Végétol Pure & Végétol Cloud
E-liquide naturel français sans propylène glycol Végétol® Phyto, Végétol® Pure, Végétol® Cloud - Photo des produits

Végétol® e-liquids

Végétol® Phyto, Végétol® Pure and Végétol® Cloud are 3 ranges particularly suitable for beginner vapers.

The Végétol® Phyto range is made up of 80% Végétol® base and 20% Olivéine®, the first olive tree glycerin in the Mediterranean. A 100% natural range with plant extracts guaranteed propylene glycol free.

The Végétol® Pure range is composed of 100% of Végétol® base for new taste sensations.

The Végétol® Cloud range is composed of 60% of Végétol® base and 40% vegetal glycerin, suitable for all types of e-cig devices.

E-liquide naturel sans propylène glycol, sans arôme et sans glycérine végétale - Végétol® STORE

Végétol® STORE

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E-liquide naturel sans propylène glycol, sans arôme et sans glycérine végétale - Végétol® PRO

Végétol® PRO

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Végétol inside®

Wishing that as many consumers as possible can appreciate the benefits of Végétol®, you can occasionally find our innovation under the « Végétol inside® » logo, in e-liquids with complex and elaborate flavours proposed by our colleagues and partners:
> E-liquide Curieux Paris
> Mille Sabords – Par Toutatis
> Liquidarom

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Vaping by Végétol® !

E-liquids designed in particular on a 100% natural origin basis. Under these conditions, the natural ingredient Végétol® is therefore perfectly suited for an e-liquid without propylene glycol. In addition, Végétol® e-liquids are also non-allergenic and non-irritant. In short, Végétol® e-liquids offer above all effective delivery of nicotine.


Laboratoires Xérès

Since 2014, Laboratoires Xérès have been designing natural and innovative e-liquids propylene glycol free, without flavor and moreover without vegetal glycerin. Based on the premise that nature does things right and that it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for humans, Laboratoires Xérès develop Végétol® innovation. Végétol® innovation is the first alternative to propylene glycol that provides smokers with a natural and effective alternative to cigarettes.

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