Alternative naturelle à la cigarette - E-liquide naturel sans PG, sans VG, sans arôme Végétol® - Laboratoires Xérès

The main objective of the Research and Development of Laboratoires Xérès is to develop natural and effective alternatives to cigarettes.

To this end, the R&D of Laboratoires Xérès collaborates closely with public research institutes and laboratories (École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, universities) in several fields: green chemistry, biophysics of inhaled particles, toxicology, biology (culture cell models).

Supported at these beginnings by the French Bank of Investment (BPI), this constant effort of innovation is in a way the trademark of Laboratoires Xérès.

Also, the R&D of Laboratoires Xérès now holds a large portfolio of international patents and our technologies offer numerous opportunities of collaboration and licensing:
> New second and third generation plant-based e-liquids bases
> Flavors formulations specifically designed for e-cig (optimized in terms of safety and stability)
> Nicotine formulation with a low addicting activity
> Innovative and 100 % plant-based CBDs formulation


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