The safety: as the priority of Laboratoires Xérès:

E-liquids based on Végétol® that have been the subject of a specific toxicological risk assessment by a sworn toxicologist expert.

E-liquids based on Végétol®, vegetal glycerin and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Food grade flavorings specifically developed for the e-cigarette and therefore guaranteed without sensitizing effect.

E-liquids finely dosed with aromas in order to bring only the useful quantity and moreover appreciable.

E-liquids guaranteed without any risk of vaping decomposition thanks to extensive thermochemical tests.

E-liquids guaranteed without any additives and undesirable compounds (for example: oils, diacetyl, ambrox, alcohol, sweeteners …).

E-liquids compliant with the regulations and standards in force in Europe (CLP and TPD regulations).

E-liquids registered with the National Institute of Research and Security (INRS) and the National Agency of Health Security (ANSES).

E-liquids guaranteed without any Substances of Very High Concern (SHVC) according to the European REACH regulation.

E-liquids designed and validated according to a unique methodology developed by Laboratoires Xérès in close collaboration with toxicological experts, thus making it possible to guarantee the absence of reasonably foreseeable toxicity (see methodology).


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