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Why don’t Végétol® e-liquids contain ethanol?


Within Laboratoires Xérès, we consider that security begins with transparency. This is why we would like to inform our consumers of the reasons why Vegetol® liquids do not contain alcohol (ethanol). - You should know that the alcohol in liquids plays the role of solvent of the aromas and incidentally of antimicrobial preservative. Generally, [...]

Why don’t Végétol® e-liquids contain ethanol?2021-01-25T16:45:56+01:00

The interest of aromas in electronic cigarettes


A study funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand and carried out on a panel of 1,005 people aged 18 to 70, aimed to assess the importance of aromas in the act of vaping and for smokers wishing to help the electronic cigarette to quit smoking. It appears that whatever the status [...]

The interest of aromas in electronic cigarettes2021-01-25T16:46:00+01:00

Study validates positive impact of PDT


The Belgian public institution Sciensano, which performs public health tasks and specializes in particular in consumer health protection, has studied the compliance of 214 e-liquids sold on the Belgian market. The objective was to measure the effect of the implementation of the European directive regulating electronic cigarettes in Europe (TPD) on the quality of [...]

Study validates positive impact of PDT2021-01-25T16:46:05+01:00

Marketing of some US manufacturers of e-liquids


A study published in the prestigious journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research in January 2020 set out to study and list the labels of e-liquids inspired by comics. We know that the famous camel Joe Camel created by the marketers of the American tobacco manufacturer RJ Reynolds, was a real success among young people in [...]

Marketing of some US manufacturers of e-liquids2021-01-25T16:46:10+01:00

Asthma, tobacco and vaping: clinical study


While it has been known for a long time that tobacco is an aggravating factor of asthma, a clinical study published in Internal and Emergency Medicine sought to measure in the asthmatic vaping patient, ex-smoker or not, the effects of electronic cigarette on quality of life, lung function and the evolution of asthma symptoms. [...]

Asthma, tobacco and vaping: clinical study2021-01-25T16:46:18+01:00
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