E-liquide naturel sans propylène glycol, sans arôme et sans glycérine végétale Végétol® - Pourquoi les e-liquides Végétol® ne contiennent pas d'éthanol ?

Within Laboratoires Xérès, we consider that security begins with transparency. This is why we would like to inform our consumers of the reasons why Vegetol® liquids do not contain alcohol (ethanol).

– You should know that the alcohol in liquids plays the role of solvent of the aromas and incidentally of antimicrobial preservative. Generally, alcohol concentrations are between 1 and 5%, European regulations prohibiting this content to be greater than 6%. However, be aware that a manufacturer is not required to display the presence of alcohol on the label. Therefore, a vaper who does not wish to consume alcohol can therefore be misled. If the risk of overconsumption of alcohol and intoxication is not possible by vaping a liquid containing alcohol, It may, however, that some people for reasons of current or past addictions, or for denominational reasons may want alcohol-free liquids.

– In addition, our internal charter not wishing to use a substance classified CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic), we preferred to exclude ethanol which for alcoholic beverages, was classified in 2007 as carcinogenic for humans by the Center International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC): see the PDF.

– On the other hand, in 2019, Public Health France recalls that for pregnant women, the only rule that prevails is “zero alcohol” see the link.

Finally, you should know that the International Committee for Pharmaceutical Harmonization for Human Use recommends a limit amount of residual alcohol in medicines of 0.5%: see the PDF.

Given all of these elements, we do not wish to introduce alcohol into Végétol® e-liquids.

© Photo credit: Romolotavani