E-liquide naturel sans propylène glycol, sans arôme et sans glycérine végétale Végétol® - Etude TPD

The Belgian public institution Sciensano, which performs public health tasks and specializes in particular in consumer health protection, has studied the compliance of 214 e-liquids sold on the Belgian market.

The objective was to measure the effect of the implementation of the European directive regulating electronic cigarettes in Europe (TPD) on the quality of products, especially in terms of composition (nicotine contents), volatile compounds of concern (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, etc.) and contaminants (caffeine, taurine, diacetyl, acetylpropionyl). It is clear from this analysis that TPD has significantly improved the quality of liquids with a clear decrease in liquids containing caffeine (-11% vs 2016 before TPD), diacetyl or acetylpropionyl (-33%), while no liquid analyzed released toxic volatile compounds (-10%). However, according to the authors, these analyzes highlight the need to establish periodic checks in order to combat liquids that still do not comply with PDT.

Nicotine & Tobacco Research, ntaa023

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