A study conducted by Dr. Struik’s team at UBC Okanagan University involved analyzing 1,228 public posts from 318 users on a Reddit forum titled “Quit Smoking.” The information was categorized by method of quitting, reasons for quitting, and barriers and facilitators to quitting. Social media was chosen to collect the data because it is where individuals, especially young people, who are the heaviest users of e-cigarettes, share their experiences, including those regarding health. The work showed that negative health experiences were the primary reason these individuals chose to quit smoking. Symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing and lack of sleep were the complaints listed. The study also found that more than 65% of vapers said they prefer a gradual reduction approach. This study supports the opinion of tobacco specialists who recommend a gradual reduction in nicotine intake via, among other things, the electronic cigarette.

Struik, L& Yang, Y., (2021) e-Cigarette Cessation: Content Analysis of a Quit Vaping Community on Reddit. Journal of Medical Internet Research. doi.org/10.2196/28303.

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