Analyses en laboratoire

Concerning the cases of intoxication identified this summer in the United States, we need to make the following clarifications:

these cases of intoxication concern only the United States;

no similar case has been reported in Europe;

it appears that in the majority of cases, these intoxications or related to the consumption of illicit products bought on the parallel market or manufactured home;

these products contain oily or even psychotropic toxic substances.

In this context, Laboratoires Xérès send remind:

that the be-fluid as not the illicit gold oily substances;

that their products are registered with the National Agency of Sanitary Security (ANSES);

their compositions have been the subject of a toxicological risk assessment by an expert toxicologist sworn.

Also, since their launch in 2014, these products were no longer at the origin of intoxication cases.

© Photo credit: Xubingruo