Press release of Laboratoires Xérès

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Concerning the cases of intoxication identified this summer in the United States, we need to make the following clarifications: - these cases of intoxication concern only the United States; - no similar case has been reported in Europe; - it appears that in the majority of cases, these intoxications or related to the consumption [...]

France Bleu – Radio France stops on Végétol®

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Nicolas Fillon for France Bleu Poitou has exchanged with Vincent Bonnarme one of two chemists poitevins the origin of Végétol®, natural e-liquids propylene glycol free, aroma free and vegetal glycerine free. France Bleu - Radio France Interviewed and written by Nicolas Fillon, France Bleu Poitou. As its name suggests, Végétol®, naturals e-liquids [...]

A scientific study shows the interest of Végétol®

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Nature one of the world's oldest and most renowned scientific journals scientifically validates Végétol®! Nature Scientific Reports - Logotype Article written by Guillaume Bailly, Vaping Post. In a scientific study initiated by Laboratoires Xérès, a team of researchers looked into 1,3 Propanediol or also called Végétol® in the world of the vape, [...]